Roof Dances

2007-2011 at 345 Eldert Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Horror House (2007), i like it on top (2009), How High Are We (2010), Penthouse (2011), 

Over the course of four years I directed an annual roof top dance event that gathered various dance artists and live musicians to create a collaborative evening length score incorporating dance on various locations of the roof of 345 Eldert St. Participating artists included Rachel Mckinstry, Deborah Karp, Rishauna Zumberg, Ellie Kusner, Adele Nickel, Zena Bibler, Katie Schetlick, Romina Rodriguez Crosta, Karesia Batan, Erin Sylvester, Liz Riga, Porcelain Skyline, bang sway.