near the far

Premiere: October 6, 2010, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY

Photos by Mari Jaye Blanchard

Choreographed by Anne Zuerner

Performed by Emma Desjardina, Ellie Kusner, Adele Nickel and Anne Zuerner

Music composed and performed by Porcelain Skyline

Visual design by David Pappaceno

Lighting design by Andy Dickerson

Occurring on three sides of CPR’s performance space, near the far is a journey from isolation to contact in which four dancers travel through three imagined locations: apartment, street, and corridor. Dancers weave together solitude, tenderness, and anxiety, creating a world where people have a hard time seeing one another. 

Press for near the far

Alastair Macaulay, New York Times

"Ms. Zuerner does nothing offensive, and plenty right. Her dances contrast quartets with solos, duets and trios; small movements with large ones; slowness (lots) with speed (a little). She uses the walls: at one point one dancer seems to wipe another along the wall like a cleaning rag. The small movements include slumps of head and shoulders, tics of hands, heads and eyes. The larger movements involve the whole spine’s going this way or that, as well as a leg or arm."