Archaea for the Evergreens

Premiere: May 22, 2016 at The Evergreens cemetery

Photos by Whitney Browne

Through text, movement, landscape and music, Archaea for the Evergreens, weaves together abstract, spiritual and scientific ideas surrounding life and death. Drawing connections between formal explorations of circles, physical embodiments of history, lessons learned from the way the natural world deals with death and the mysterious aspects of our universe, Archaea for the Evergreens calls forth the questions that arise when confronted with the vastness of time and space that the Evergreens offers. The term Archaea refers to the microorganisms that create the underlying structure on this planet to which everything is connected, just as The Evergreens Cemetery reminds us of both the connectedness and mystery of our world.

Created by Anne Zuerner in collaboration with the performers

Rehearsal Director: Zoe Rabinowitz

Performed by Martita Abril, Chris Braz, Sara Gurevich, Ainesh Madan, Penelope McCourty, Jenna Purcell, Phoebe Rose Sandford and sixth grade students from the MS 358 Dance Company: Jailynn Addison, Emmanuel Adjehoun, Nathalie Cabrera, Dariell Daley, Arjita Das, Kishauna Delancy, Makayla George, Janiah Muldrow, and Amanda Williams.

Music by Galen Bremer

Costume consultant: Sara Gurevich